I started this company over a decade ago for a very personal reason. My father died in 1995, at the early age of 74, after having both legs amputated due to diabetic infections originating from his fungal toenails.

At that time I was involved with my two clinics and was teaching surgical residents at a hospital in Southern California. I routinely treated patients with fungal infections on their feet and, like most doctors those days, I would usually write a prescription for oral antifungal medicine and offer a topical lotion knowing the lotion would have very little effect.


When my dad died, I was jolted into the realization that he was like millions of others suffering from fungal foot and toe infections. Because he was medically compromised he was not a safe candidate for oral antifungal medicines. I was extremely frustrated that nothing existed that would clear his fungal toe and foot infections without the potential to injure his liver and further compromise his health.

I filled the two years following my dad?s death with many research hours in the lab and consensual tests on hundreds of cooperative patients ultimately leading to the introduction of Tineacide? Antifungal Cream. At last, consumers could purchase a non-prescription product that was safe and actually worked even on the worst fungal infections on toes and feet! Since that original introduction, we have developed numerous topical skin products for a variety of conditions.


The products available on our site were initially introduced to doctors in the United States. These physicians are asked to test the products themselves and offer them to their patients for trial purposes. If the physicians report positive experiences back to us, we at Blaine Labs begin offering the products to the mass market.

This process typically takes two to three years and it illustrates our commitment to developing products that are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and effective.

We are certain that you will be satisfied and we offer a solid guarantee that our products will do what they are supposed to do and help resolve the condition for which they are indicated.





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