Fungus Infection on the Finger and Toes

For people who don’t want to take potentially dangerous oral prescription drugs to treat fungus infections on the fingers and toes, there is a powerful alternative: Tineacide by Dr. Blaine’s. Tineacide effectively kills the skin fungus that causes fungal toenail infections. In fact, many patients taking oral antifungal medications begin using Tineacide, as well, in order to perhaps shorten the time required for the regimen to resolve the problem. Since Tineacide has no systemic effect, there is no further risk incurred.

Dr. Blaine’s Tineacide Antifungal Cream effectively stops the spread of fungus, yeast and bacteria. Tineacide Antifungal Cream is the most doctor recommended non-prescription antifungal cream for the treatment of fungal infections on the fingers and toes.

This topical antifungal product softens hard and brittle areas of the fingers and toes, allowing the medicine to penetrate deep into the infected tissue. Tineacide is fast and effective, and it also helps to prevent future infections. Tineacide may also be used in tandem with oral medications, to potentially speed up the time of recovery.

Learn the facts about nail fungus.

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